Programming and User Guides

The table below lists all of the currently available programming guides and indicates. To view a programming guide, click on the document title. To save a copy of a programming guide, right-click on the document title and choose “Save Target As…”.
The programming guides are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed before they can be viewed.

Document Title Revision Last Updated
AN 281 FT8xx Emulator Library User Guide 1.1 2016-09-19
BRT_AN_033_BT81X-Series-Programming-Guide 2.3 2022-12-16
FT81X_Series_Programmer_Guide 1.2 2018-10-02
FT800 Programmers Guide in simplified Chinese 2.1 2016-09-19
FT800 Series Programmers Guide 2.1 2016-09-19
AN 289 FT51A Programming Guide 1.1 2016-09-19
AN 342 FT90X Assembly Language Programming Guide 1.1 2016-09-19
AN_365-FT9xx-API-Programmers-Manual 1.7 2018-11-14
AN_400_MCCI_USB_Resource_Compiler_UserGuide 1.0 2017-09-13
AN_402_MCCI_USB_DataPump_UserGuide 1.0 2017-09-13
AN_403_MCCI_USB_DataPump_Mass_Storage_Protocol_UserGuide 1.0 2017-09-13
AN_405_MCCI-USB-DataPump-HID-Protocol-Users-Guide 1.1 2017-09-13
AN_406_MCCI-USB-DataPump-Virtual-Ethernet-Protocol-UserGuide 1.0 2017-09-13
ESD-4.10-Exported-Project-Porting-Guide-for-STM32L4-Discovery-Board-and-FreeRTOS 1.0 2021-06-23
BRT_AN_054 EVE Asset Builder User Guide 2.0 2022-11-22
BRT_AN_029_EVE-Screen_Designer_4.15_User_Guide-1 1.4 2022-02-11
BRT_AN_037_EVE Screen Editor 4.4 User Guide 1.4 2022-11-25

Please note that we have not produced a programmer’s guide for VCP drivers due to the large amount of documentation available from Microsoft on serial communication. Please refer to our Related Links page for more information.