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All over the world, engineers are using EVE in their Human Machine Interfaces.

BASCOM-AVR is a BASIC Programming Compiler (not an Interpreter) for the AVR microcontroller family including Development tools and Integrated support for hardware such as UART, I2C, 1WIRE, TCP/IP, DMX, IR, Keyboards and a number of LCD displays along with a Powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Bascom-AVR has added support for the excellent FT800 resistive touch display controller IC, which has a rich library of high and low level command support. It includes over 70 demos for the user to play and experiment with and has a comprehensive help file. You can view the Online Help file at on the FT800 label on the left to expand titles).

Visit the BASCOM-AVR website at

Crystalfontz has leveraged the power of the Bridgetek EVE chip in creating display modules that simplify the creation of beautiful user interfaces.The embedded video engine (EVE) provided by the FT81x chipset allows a low-powered processor (like an Arduino) to drive full color TFT displays with ease, and simplifies the low-level display interface. The low-powered processor can easily manage display and touch functionality using only a single SPI connect for a full color TFT display.

Crystalfontz offers multiple EVE Display Modules  including a 3.0”, a 3.5”, a 5.0”, and a bar-type 3.9”. Each display has a specially designed accelerator board to make the display shine and match the display form factor. 3D models, datasheets, and sample code can all be found on each display module’s product page.

To enable quick prototyping, Crystalfontz also created a breakout board specifically for our EVE modules. The EVE Breakout Board includes a ZIF connector to connect the EVE board to the breakout board, and a 14-pin 0.1″ pitch connector to facilitate connecting to a microcontroller. The breakout board also includes audio amplifier and connection for a speaker to enable using the EVE’s PWM output.

To learn more about Crystalfontz’s EVE offerings check out the product pagesvideos exploring the modulesblog post discussing the benefits of EVE, or ask the support team a question.

Svet Electronike magazine has featured a series of articles around EVE programming, focussing on the FT800 resistive touch controller and providing details on its architecture, basic programming and more. To access the series please click here. For more information on Svet Electronike please visit

Leading distributor GLYN GmbH & Co. KG have compiled a quick start EVE kit in the EVB-EVE-FT800-V1, a simple kit which requires no previous knowledge or experience and allows users to create attractive graphic display solutions in minutes.

The full Glyn kit contains:
• Development board with EVE graphics controller, voltage regulator and audio amplifier
• A direct connection for use with Glyn MCU boards and GlYN / EDT display families
• A GLYN software package, completely compatible with the Bridgetek Programming Guide for the FT800

For more information or to order, please click here

Matrix Orbital, a Canadian company and world-renowned specialist in communication interface display solutions since 1995, has engineered, manufactured and delivered innovative displays for a diverse range of applications. From the telecommunications, medical, networking, automotive and advanced tech industries to defense and aerospace, Matrix Orbital displays can be found anywhere a dependable, visually stunning and interactive user interface is required.

With an extensive catalog of displays and accessories, Matrix Orbital has continued to meet customer demands by providing the market with a broad spectrum of TFT’s, LCD’s, VFD’s, OLED’s and Touchscreens (resistive and capacitive).  Along with the introduction of an EVE FT81xx Series product line, available display options consist of various features, communication protocols and sizes, including the popular 1U LCD and TFT. Additionally, the in-house design, development, and support staff can customize and create a display solution tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Furthermore, to address development time, Matrix Orbital has developed the GTT Designer software. This software is a free, object-on, design suite focused on creating stunning interfaces and reducing time to market.

Matrix Orbital have produced a new code example showing you how to get started with your Matrix Orbital EVE module. This includes a demo application and has the screen settings defined for the different Matrix Orbital EVE modules, making it an ideal starting point for getting your module up and running and developing your own applications

For more information, to purchase, or for support please visit the website, follow Matrix Orbital on Twitter, join them on Facebook, subscribe on Youtube or visit the Forums.

MLX90620 with FT800 Display controller and MBED – This provides a demonstration of the Bridgetek Chip’s EVE graphics controller technology with the Melexis MLX90620 thermopile array, a 16x4pixel thermal sensor. The data is read out of the sensor via I2 C using an MBED KL25Z board, and the LCD display is driven over SPI with the FT800 touch display controller.

Click here to access a blog from a user working with EVE to create a programming library for hobbyists.

Click here to view a user video illustrating widget use and control menus.

Harness the power of the EVE2 Video Engine with EVE2 TFT Modules from Newhaven Display International. These modules are a whole new class in serial interface TFTs. The Embedded Video Engine integration and controller chip by Bridgetek allow these all-in-one HMI’s to control graphics, touch and audio, thus offering the ideal display solution for any industry.

The product line offers four display sizing options: 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0”, and 7.0”. The 5.0” version comes as a Premium MVA module, with the option for either resistive or capacitive touch, and the 3.5”, 4.3”, and 7.0” sizes are available in Newhaven Display’s Standard, Premium, or Sunlight Readable variants, with two touch options – resistive or capacitive.

Newhaven Display is a USA based company that provides the worldwide marketplace with cost effective, high quality displays including OLEDs, LCDs, TFTs and development boards for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. Newhaven Display takes pride on first-rate customer support, design services and development assistance. The expansion of their product line to include the EVE2 Video Engine means engineering innovators and product developers can take advantage of a display product line that utilizes high resolution graphics, touch interactivity, video playback (with QSPI from your controller), and audio playback support, all within a attractively packaged, quality TFT module. Additionally available is a suite of example code and resources from the Newhaven Display GitHub library, and moreover an excellent community and collection of open source resources and tools for the EVE2 from Bridgetek.‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

For more about Newhaven Display, visit the website to find out more about this product line and the other solutions available from the company, and follow Newhaven Display on TwitterFacebook, or YouTube to keep up to date with news and updates. Also available is the Support Forum where fellow developers or engineers can provide real-time insight and feedback.

Riverdi is an innovative company which uses cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions meeting today’s end user demands. Within its first few years on the market, Riverdi has managed to develop its own process of TFT modules production in Shezhen and Poland which guarantees the highest quality whilst remaining cost efficient.

Riverdi offers a wide range of TFT display modules with distinguishing high-tech features and modern designs. Amongst the products, customers can find displays with different diagonals (e.g. 3.5″, 4.3″, 5.0″ and 7.0″), controllers (FT8xx, SSD1963), with or without touchscreens (resistive or capacitive), with or without montage frames, and much more. Riverdi also offers customised versions of their products and professional technical support. In addition, they provide clients with various development tools such as the Riverdi Revelation Board, Hermes Board and MikroE Riverdi Click, to facilitate work with their TFT modules. All of the products utilise industrial grade materials and components, thus can be used in both consumer and industrial projects. To find out more, please visit

Reference Designs

CleO brings to market a family of intelligent, simple to program TFT display boards through which engineers can develop imaginative, compelling human machine interfaces, regardless of their experience level. Using Arduino as a foundation, CleO is able to leverage Bridgetek’s high speed bridging and display technology so that improved performance and greater functionality can be benefitted from.

CleO family of smart TFT display controllers can be easily programmed to give professional looking HMI / GUI’s with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming or mathematics.

With extensive tutorials (20 Chapters covering over 80 topics) + 21 DIY projects included to show you how, CleO35 (the 3.5in display version) allows both hobbyists and professionals alike to add a HVGA (320 x 480 pixel ) resistive touch TFT display GUI to their Arduino UNO projects.

CleO is designed to work alongside NerO, our energy efficient enhanced Arduino Compatible board. This accessory delivers >1A current at 5V without overheating, and the long pin version supplied allows CleO to be discretely mounted beneath NerO, leaving the shield headers fully exposed for IO expansion.

In 2011 the original Gameduino brought vintage gaming to the Arduino, by 2013 Gameduino 2 set a new standard in hand-held open-source gaming, and now Gameduino 3 raises the bar again! Even more processing power for your games and applications – plus real video playback, all using a standard Arduino platform. It’s completely compatible with the Gameduino 2, but adds even more graphics power, smooth video playback, and dozens of new features. Together with microSD storage for game assets, headphone audio output, and a top quality full-color 4.3 inch touch screen.

The Gameduino 3 uses an FT810 EVE, an integrated graphics processor that is backwards compatible with the FT800 in Gameduino 2, and has about 4X more power.

This project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with additional examples and code available on the project page here.