Many types of laboratory equipment such as power supplies, meters, analysers and curve tracers have either moving-coil meters, LED digital readouts or fixed-segment LCD displays.  In the example of a bench power supply, the readout is often limited to 7-segment displays along with a few LED indications, which means many compromises must be made by the designer in terms of what they can display. In addition to readouts for voltage and current etc., any status information must also be conveyed using LEDs or 7-segment LED/LCD displays.

By upgrading to an EVE-enabled touch display, significant improvements in the user interface can be achieved including:

  • Greater flexibility in designing the user interface of the instrument
  • Traditional 7-segment displays can be replaced by large fonts for output voltage and current
  • Gauges and graphs can be used to display information more intuitively additional numerical
  • Errors such as overcurrent conditions and out of range readings can be displayed clearly using the text widget
  • Additional pages such as a calibration menu can be added allowing more functionality
  • Supports range of displays including bar-type displays for rack-mount units


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a Lab Equipment application:​

  • EVE allows easy creation of large numerical displays in colour, graphs and gauges etc.
  • Use multiple pages with complete freedom of layout, for an improved user interface compared to fixed displays
  • Backlit screen with PWM dimming provides an effective display for use in different ambient light conditions
  • Touch (resistive or capacitive) allows replacement of mechanical buttons with user friendly on-screen controls
  • Audio output makes it easy to generate a wide range of tones with a simple register write
  • EVE only requires new commands to be sent when the screen content changes, keeping MCU workload low
  • EVE can be used with almost any MCU with an SPI Master, update an existing design easily
  • Range of screen sizes supported including 3.5” up to over 10” and circular and bar-type displays
  • Screen rotation allows the display to be used in different orientations for portable equipment

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