Network equipment such as smart switches and routers often have an array of indicator LEDs on the front panel as well as a web console for management.  As the feature set becomes more complex, it becomes difficult to provide a useful at-a-glance indication via the LEDs on the panel of the network device.

Adding a graphical display using the EVE graphics controller allows a more informative display to be added, allowing issues with the network device to be readily identified, especially where it is installed alongside a large number of similar devices. This also allows local staff to identify which device has a problem even if they do not have full admin login for the switch and report it to the IT team. Furthermore, if the switch is not contactable over the network, status can be checked locally from the display panel to resolve the connection error.

Small bar-type / letterbox displays are available which are ideal for 1U rackmount enclosures whilst still providing full colour graphics. EVE also supports the capacitive touch functionality, which is also available on many of these displays, allowing different menus to be selected from the display. The touch can be used for keycode entry, preventing the user from accessing certain pages or changing settings without permission.

By adding integrating Embedded Video Engine (EVE) IC and a small display you can

  • Use colour graphics to display more complex status information in a user-friendly way
  • Display a greater range of information than traditional LED arrays
  • Interface to low profile bar-type displays for 1U enclosures
  • Optionally use touch to select different pages via tabs or swiping
  • Show clear error messages to personnel rather than error codes or encoded in LED flash patterns
  • Generate sound tones for touch acknowledgement and user alerts

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a smart network switch application:

  • Range of screen sizes supported including bar-type displays
  • Use EVE’s innovative touch tagging features to easily implement menus
  • Use widgets such as keys to create password entry keypads
  • Use EVE’s Audio features for sound alerts to draw the attention of staff
  • Connect over a simple SPI connection
  • Low resource usage on the host MCU allowing the network processor to easily control the display

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