Electric bikes are becoming popular for a wide range of uses such as commuting and deliveries. In addition to the speed indication, E-bike riders need additional information such as the battery charge level and status. Limited space on the dashboard means that combining all of the information into one display provides a much better solution compared to separate instruments. The versatility of colour graphical displays also means that other features such as notifications for servicing due etc. can be displayed. Touch control can also optionally be used to allow simple menus or switching between different screen formats. Bikes which use other power sources such as petrol can also benefit from the same ability to present all of the information clearly on one display.

The EVE devices are an ideal solution for this application, especially the latest generation BT817A which has AEC-Q100 qualification. Other EVE devices can also be used depending on the application if AEC qualification is not needed. Here are just some of the benefits in adding an EVE-enabled display for Bike Dashboards:

  • Supporting a diverse range of displays such as 4” circular panels or custom shapes
  • Display all information on a single instrument in an easy-to-read format
  • Update and customise features in future easily via software updates
  • Support products in different countries (units, language etc.)
  • Provide dashboard themes such as ECO and SPORT

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for Bike dashboard and multifunction display applications:​

  • AEC-qualified BT817A offers an extended temperature range for automotive use
  • Wide range of screens shapes/sizes supported including circular and custom displays
  • Support high brightness screens and PWM backlight dimming
  • Extensive and efficient image support for stylish gauges, background, and symbols
  • EVE-attached flash chip support (BT81x) allows image storage independent of the host MCU
  • Custom fonts and Unicode support (BT81x) allow multi-language support and symbols/units
  • ​Audio output and range of built-in sounds make it easy to add warning and indicator sounds etc.

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