Audio mixing desks often include graphical equalizers traditionally implemented via many LEDs to indicate signal amplitude across several frequency bands. Mixing desks can also include a variety of buttons to provide extra functionality to the user, this makes for a cluttered and hard to understand interface. However, designers are now embracing more vibrant graphical displays to implement these functionalities and to simplify the mixing desk interface for users.

Adding an EVE-enabled display can help improve the useability by:

  • Help the designer optimise the screen layout without the limitations of LEDs and mechanical buttons.
  • Use graphics to make the graphical equalizer more attractive and user friendly.
  • Supporting graphical features such as manufacturers branding or customisation
  • Create a more dynamic interface and increase functionality by using EVE’s touch capabilities.

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for an Audio Mixing Desk application:​

  • Comprehensive graphical features allow pictorial representation of audio frequencies and levels.
  • Touch screen support allows physical buttons and keypads to be easily replaced by on-screen buttons.
  • Touch tagging/tracking features make it easy to implement on-screen sliders and dials
  • Illuminated screen with EVE’s backlight PWM dimming control allows easier use in different light conditions
  • Extensive graphical capabilities and bitmap support for an attractive User Interface design

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