Traditional blood glucose monitoring devices require user-friendly interfaces and for their readouts to be read and interpreted quickly. These devices have typically relied on segment displays to present information to the user, however designers are now embracing more vibrant graphical displays for such devices.

Adding a low cost MCU with Embedded Video Engine (EVE) IC and a small display brings many benefits including:

  • Greater flexibility in designing the user interface of the instrument to make it more intuitive
  • Display readings numerically using modern numerical readouts in a range of fonts/sizes
  • Widgets and graphical features can be used to replicate traditional displays with additional digital readouts
  • Show warnings on-screen if the reading is outside of normal limits
  • Use audio features to sound alerts in different tones with very little MCU overhead
  • Greater flexibility in designing the user interface of the instrument
  • Additional pages such as a calibration menu can be added allowing more functionality


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a glucose monitor application:

  • The use of colour graphics to add a modern feel to the interface
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support and symbols
  • Works with almost any MCU as an SPI peripheral (use EVE with your preferred/existing MCU)
  • Audio output and built-in sounds allow touch feedback and alert sounds to be easily added
  • Create custom widgets such as graphs and arc gauges with EVE’s extensive graphics support
  • Capacitive touch allows a more intuitive user interface and can replace mechanical buttons
  • Supports a whole range of screen sizes (e.g. 3.5”, 5”, circular) to suit all types applications

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