EVE Toolchains

Bridgetek provides the EVE Toolchain, a crucial set of tools, for free to empower developers to design impressive and highly responsive graphics user interfaces (GUIs) for EVE-based solutions.  It contains the following tools:

EVE Screen Designer (ESD) 4.18.0

EVE Screen Designer (ESD) is the next generation of smart IDE for EVE, making EVE-based GUI development much easier to accomplish. This tool enables users to build a GUI application using a visual programming method without needing to know any EVE-specific display list commands.

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EVE Screen Editor (ESE) 4.9.0

EVE Screen Editor (ESE) is a user-friendly and powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users to acquire knowledge of EVE’s graphics features and commands by creating screen designs visually and interactively, all without the need for hardware.

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EVE Asset Builder (EAB) 2.11.0

EVE Asset Builder (EAB) is a Windows-based tool that contains a set of useful utilities to generate resources for EVE series devices or facilitate the EVE-based application development. Users may access these utilities through either GUI or command line.

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FT9xx Toolchain

FT9xx toolchain is provided by Bridgetek for free to facilitate application development and debugging through the widely-used Eclipse IDE, leveraging the customized GCC compiler.

In addition, the system incorporates driver support, which includes precompiled binaries, C source code, and sample projects.

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