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Energy usage monitors have been ubiquitous within the household for many years, providing customers with data related to their energy consumption. Recent trends in design have led to the introduction of smart energy meters providing increased functionality to the traditional segment display energy monitor. Designers are keen on implementing easy to use and immersive graphical displays for this new generation of household smart meters.

By designing in a colour touch display based on EVE, you can

  • Implement a user-friendly and stylish interface for smart meters
  • Display usage data easily through graphs and customised widgets
  • Optimise the screen layout without needing to arrange fixed symbols and icons on a small fixed-segment LCD
  • Provide clearer information to the user via text and numbers
  • Create a more dynamic interface using EVE’s touch capabilities
  • Upgrade existing designs without re-writing the parts of the MCU firmware related to monitor energy consumption.


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a Smart Meter application:​

  • Resistive or Capacitive touch screen options
  • EVE allows easy creation of large numerical displays in colour
  • Built-in and custom widgets allow information to be presented on colour graphs and gauges etc.
  • Touch screen support allows physical buttons and keypads to be replaced by on-screen buttons
  • Use multiple pages with complete freedom of layout, for an improved user interface compared to fixed displays
  • Low resource usage on the host MCU (ideal for adding a display to existing and new designs)
  • Range of screen sizes supported including 3.5” up to over 10” and circular and bar-type displays
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support

Recommended Products