Like many modern devices, the user interface on a coffee machine represents the main point of interaction with the user. The user interface can be a significant factor in deciding which coffee machine to purchase.  For this reason, it is no surprise that designers are adopting colour touch screens to replace the mechanical buttons, LED indications, mechanical gauges and basic LCD screens. In doing so, the machine can be much more welcoming to users.

Just some of the reasons why adding an EVE-enabled colour touch display is popular for this application:

  • Implementing an attractive user interface using familiar icons, via EVE’s extensive image support
  • Animations/videos to show the coffee pouring and for advertising when the machine is idle
  • Incorporating a touch-enabled interface easily via EVE’s innovative touch tag feature
  • Marketing the machine globally with a range of fonts and support for multi-language text and currency symbols
  • Supporting a wide range of screen sizes to suit different machine form factors
  • Large screen support (e.g. 10.1”) adds impact to larger coffee machine designs
  • Easing integration of a display to the existing design, no need to change to a new MCU with built-in graphics capability


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a coffee machine application:​

  • Capacitive/Resistive touch allows a more intuitive user interface and can replace the mechanical buttons
  • Custom touch (BT81x) allows use with specialised touch screens (for example, splash proof)
  • Supports a whole range of screen sizes (e.g. 3.5”, 5”, 7”, 10.1”, circular) to suit all types of machine
  • Screen rotation feature allows landscape panels to be used in a portrait orientation
  • Animation/Video support allowing coffee pouring animations and advertising etc.
  • Direct EVE-attached flash allows storage of vibrant images and content without burdening the host MCU
  • Create custom widgets such as graphs and arc gauges with EVE’s extensive graphics support
  • Create additional maintenance mode pages with usage data, for cleaning modes and for updating prices
  • Built-in Audio tone generation makes it easy to acknowledge user input and sound user alerts
  • Works with almost any MCU which has SPI Master, avoiding the need to change MCU

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