Traditional conference phones often combine a physical keypad with a very basic LCD display or even no display in many cases thus limiting the functionality of the phone. As conference phones are used by a variety of different users, it makes the product more user friendly if the display allows the user to select options via a graphical menu and to see the status of the unit at-a-glance.

Adding an EVE-enabled display can help improve the useability in many ways including:

  • Helping the designer optimise the screen layout without the limitations of symbols and icons on a small fixed-segment LCD
  • Providing a clearer indication of call status compared to traditional LEDs and LCD displays
  • Directories can be displayed with full names and details including different languages
  • Supporting graphical features such as manufacturers branding or customisation


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a Conference Phone application:​

  • Touch screen support allows physical buttons and keypads to be easily replaced by on-screen buttons
  • Touch tracking features make it easy to implement on-screen sliders and dials for volume controls
  • Display full text lists for user directories etc. with symbols, colour coding and filtering/sorting etc.
  • Display full keyboard via keys widget for easier directory look-up etc.
  • Comprehensive graphical features allow pictorial representation of groups calls and menu systems etc.
  • Display full text for more descriptive status information and error descriptions etc.
  • Illuminated screen with EVE’s backlight PWM dimming control allows easier use in different light conditions
  • Supports a wide range of different screens for different form factors used for conference phone units
  • Screen rotation features (FT81x, BT88x, BT81x) allow landscape screens to be used in portrait orientation with just one command

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