Cabin controls in vehicles, marine and aviation applications now need to control a greater range of devices. Originally control at individual seats was often limited to a reading light being turned on and off but advances in electronics and in technology such as seat adjustment, seat heating. window shades, individual ventilation and media/audio system provision now mean that button-based controls become very cluttered and complex. This is especially true for private and corporate vehicles but is also very much applicable to larger commercial vehicles too such as airliners and ferries. Controls may be used at each seat for local control or may also be used to control a zone within the cabin for example. The panel will often be added or integrated to a control system based around a microcontroller (MCU or similar host computer system). This MCU may also directly control motors and light dimming etc. or may link to a control unit via a data bus.

Using an EVE-enabled colour touch display brings many advantages including:

  • Easily implement an attractive user-friendly interface
  • Use touch to provide better user experience and replace mechanical buttons
  • Control all functions from one easily replaceable panel
  • Provide greater functionality (for example a colour picker for lighting instead of three fixed button selections)
  • Update the control panel via software if new or different devices need to be controlled


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a passenger cabin control panel application:​

  • Resistive or Capacitive touch screen options​ for different environments
  • Replace complex mechanical button/dial/level assemblies with touch-screen operation
  • Custom Touch (BT815/BT817/BT817A) allows splash-proof and toughened screens to be used​
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support
  • Audio output and built-in sounds allow touch feedback and alert sounds to be easily added​
  • Screen rotation feature allows landscape panels to be used in a portrait orientation
  • Create custom widgets such as graphs and arc gauges with EVE’s extensive graphics support
  • Configure different options via software for different vehicle configurations

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