Traditionally bank note bill counting machines contain simple 7 segment LCD interfaces, with mechanical buttons utilised to provide user input to the device. Designers are adopting colour touch screens to replace the mechanical buttons and LCD interfaces. In doing so, the machine can be much more welcoming to users and can provide more in-depth data.

Adding an EVE-enabled colour display gives many benefits including:

  • Provide a more informative display for users with in-depth counting information
  • Display user messages in full text and in different languages.
  • Incorporate a touch screen to further enhance the user interface
  • Update the existing product whilst retaining much of the original control design and firmware

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a bank note counting application:​

  • Supports a range of screen sizes such as 3.5” up to 10.1” and more
  • Resistive and capacitive touch options available
  • Extensive image support for stylish gauges, background, and symbols
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support and symbols/units.
  • ​Audio output and range of built-in sounds for warnings and indicator sounds etc.
  • Interfaces can be easily updated to align with branding requirements for different regions or product specifications.
  • Touch tagging and tracking make touch controls easy and efficient to implement.

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