In modern vehicles, the dashboard itself is a big factor in the first impressions of a vehicle, and the user experience for drivers. This includes both appearance/styling and practical functionality. Modern (especially EV) vehicles also have a much greater range of information to present to the driver, but it is vital that this is presented in a clear and concise way. Using a graphical display provides these benefits and helps overcome many of the trade-offs with traditional dashboards. The EVE video controllers are an ideal solution for designing a dashboard, especially the latest generation BT817A which has AEC-Q100 qualification. Other EVE devices can also be used depending on the application if AEC qualification is not needed.

Here are just some of the benefits in adding an EVE-enabled touch display:

  • Drive large wide format screens with a variety of shapes and form factors
  • Drive smaller displays for EV bikes such as 4” circular displays or custom shapes
  • Easily create stylish and intuitive user interfaces to improve user perception and experience
  • Design the layout with complete flexibility to make better use of the dashboard real-estate
  • Create dashboard themes such as ECO and SPORT
  • Easily add touch screen control to the dashboard
  • Sound audio tones and alerts to the driver without burdening the MCU

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for an EV dashboard application:​

  • AEC-qualified BT817A offers an extended temperature range for automotive use
  • Wide range of screens shapes/sizes supported (1280×800 resolution, e.g. 10.1” and 12.3” wide format screens)
  • Additional RGB to LVDS conversion IC can be used for LVDS displays
  • Extensive image support for stylish gauges, background, and symbols
  • EVE-attached flash chip support (BT81x) allows image storage independent of the host MCU
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support and symbols/units
  • ​Audio output and range of built-in tones for warnings and indicator sounds etc.
  • PWM dimming output allows dynamic adjustment of screen backlight brightness
  • Capacitive touch interface for touch-enabled dashboards and other touchscreen panels in vehicles
  • Add touch screen control to the dashboard using EVE’s innovative touch features

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