As automotive technology continues to evolve, vehicles such as cars, commercial and EVs have more and more features which are controlled electronically. It is also typical to see some features and functions available on only some models of the vehicle, or even available as options after purchase. Traditional methods of control such as mechanical dials, switches and LEDs are no longer flexible enough and could lead to cluttered control panels. The colour touch display is a good way for designers to embrace this trend as controls can be laid out in a user-friendly manner, either on dedicated displays or as multiple pages on the same display. Systems such as Climate Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, and Seat position can be controlled as well as other features such as lighting and many others. The EVE devices are an ideal solution, especially the latest generation BT817A which has AEC-Q100 qualification. Other EVE devices can also be used depending on the application if AEC qualification is not needed. Here are just some of the benefits of using touch-enabled displays for Climate Control, Type Pressure Monitor, Seat Position and other multi-function displays:

  • Allow multiple functions to be controlled on a single display by having different pages and menus
  • Use touch to select menus and operate controls, and have context sensitive menus that appear when needed
  • Replace complex mechanical controls with a touchscreen
  • Sound audio tones and alerts to the driver and passengers easily without burdening the MCU
  • Use common hardware platforms between models with features enabled via software
  • Update and enhance features easily via software during servicing etc.

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for automotive multifunction display applications:​

  • AEC-qualified BT817A offers an extended temperature range for automotive use
  • Wide range of screens shapes/sizes supported e.g.
    • 3.5″ or 5” panels for panels located around the cabin
    • 10.1” or 7″ for the main multifunction console panel
  • Capacitive touch interface with up to 5 simultaneous touches
  • Touch tagging and tracking make buttons, keypads and rotary controls simpler to implement
  • EVE-attached flash chip support (BT81x) allows image storage independent of the host MCU
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support and symbols/units
  • ​Audio output and range of built-in sounds for warnings and indicator sounds etc.
  • PWM dimming output allows dynamic adjustment of screen backlight brightness

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