Traditional washing machines are controlled with an existing microcontroller (MCU) designed within the system, however the user interface is often implemented with buttons and dials.

Adding an EVE-enabled colour touch display brings many advantages including:

  • The use of colour graphics adds a modern feel to the interface, allowing full control of the washing machine via one display
  • Use the graphical display to show a range of parameters such as washing status, speed, cycle etc.
  • Product errors can be easily displayed to users, whereas traditional designs require the user to search through manuals
  • Touch display controls greatly improve the user experience and eliminate buttons
  • Apply branding to the display, which can be customised to different product families
  • Improve accessibility with different fonts, sizes and languages


Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for a washing machine application:

  • Resistive and Capacitive touch versions for different types of machine
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support and symbols such as temperature
  • Low resource usage on the host MCU (ideal for adding a display to existing washing machine designs)
  • Works with almost any MCU as an SPI peripheral (use EVE with your preferred/existing MCU)
  • Video playback from flash allows user instruction videos/animations to be played
  • Audio output and built-in sounds allow touch feedback and alert sounds to be easily added

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