FT9xx Toolchain

The FT9xx Toolchain is a free tool to enable code development and debug for the FT9xx series.  The toolchain comprises compilation tools, hardware support libraries, example projects, programming tools, development environment (Eclipse IDE), and documentation.

A standard GCC compiler is supplied (GNU Compiler Collection).  Plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE to extend the C/C++ Development Tooling are supplied.  On Windows, a copy of the Eclipse IDE with pre-installed plug-ins is included.

Source code for driver support libraries of each of the main functional units of the MCUs re also included.  These are provided as C source code or as precompiled binaries.  The example projects, also included in the installation, demonstrate use of these driver support libraries. 

Download and Install the FT9xx Toolchain 

The application note AN 325 FT9xx Toolchain Installation and Start Guide describes the process for installing the toolchain. 

Download Links for Windows 

Current Release: 

FT9XX Toolchain v2.7.6

FT9XX Toolchain v2.7.6 Release Note 

Previous Releases:

FT9xx Toolchain v2.7.0

FT9XX Toolchain v.2.6.0

Please contact legacy support for older FT9xx toolchain releases

Download Links for Linux 

Linux support is provided without support.  A Debian installer package is used.  Instructions for installing the toolchain on Linux are in the GitHub link below. 

Current Release:

FT9XX Toolchain v2.7.6 Release Notes  


Software Examples supplied with the installation package, may be used as reference material to develop further projects or to verify existing hardware functionality. The default location where these can be found is 


    Other examples can be found here for FT90x projects and here for FT9xx compatible designs.

Visual Studio Code Support

Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a popular IDE for developers. Bridgetek provide the required compilation and debugging tools in the FT9xx Toolchain to use VSCode to develop programs for the FT9xx. The VSCode configuration for FT9xx is setup using JSON configuration files. The GitHub project Bridgetek/ft9xx-vscode provides a template application demonstrating use of VSCode for FT9xx devices.