EVE – The Award Winning HMI Solution

Bridgetek’s innovative graphics controller solutions with Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology provides simultaneous display, audio and touch functionality. Utilising this concept, a unique object oriented methodology is adopted for creating hi-quality human machine interfaces (HMIs). The technology can then equip engineers with everything that they need to to quickly and efficiently design HMIs and deliver robust, hi-resolution TFT displays with a lower overall bill of material (BOM) cost.

Since the launch of our first resistive touch controller IC, the, FT800 – in early 2013, the touch display controller series has grown and strengthened. The multi-award winning range now includes a number of resistive and capacitive touch controller IC options, an extensive range of development modules with a a number of LCD controller bezel options, and a variety of corresponding accessories utilising both the flagship FT80x series and and the advanced second(FT81x)and third generation (BT81x) series of display controller ICs, which boasts various enhancements and extended capabilities on its predecessor.

With 3 in 1 functionality including display, audio, and touch operations, engineers now have an advanced solution to easily create and output state-of-the-art interactive TFT display systems.

GUI Workflow Toolchains

EVE ICs are complemented with EVE graphical design toolchains, EVE Screen Designer (ESD), EVE Screen Editor (ESE) and EVE Asset Builder that ease GUI development. These workflow tools enable designers to turn out GUI screens in a matter of hours instead of days of hand-crafting solutions. Click here for more info.

EVE Solutions


FT81x Embedded Video Engine with beautiful, brilliant TFT Displays

Intelligent, high quality LED controllers from Bridgetek and Riverdi

Fast and visually stunning EVE display controller modules

World-renowned specialist in communication interface display solutions

Cost effective, high quality display devices ranging from ranging from LCD to TFT displays.

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All over the world, engineers are using EVE in their HMIs

CleO –The Smart TFT Display for Arduino

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EVE Application Development

This flowchart with interactive links should help you choose the correct tools when designing with EVE.

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