To facilitate the EVE based GUI application development, there are various example projects and application notes defined for users to reference.  Most of example projects are structured in the same manner as the diagram as below.


For the latest version of our examples please check out the Github account of Bridgetek:  https://github.com/Bridgetek/

If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our community website: http://www.brtcommunity.com/ 

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EVE Apps

EveApps is an open-source repository containing 1 sample application and many demo projects. It is developed to ease the learning curve as well as provide a starting point for wishing to program with EVE . 

The sample application (in the ‘SampleApp’ folder) is for tutorial purposes, and intended to be much simpler and easier to understand for each display list or command, while the demo projects (in the ‘DemoApps’ folder)  are fairly complex, intended to be as close to a real-life project as possible. 

Please visit here (https://github.com/Bridgetek/EveApps) for more details.

MCU Specific Examples

These examples are part of a series of application notes covering how to develop your own EVE library. They cover a range of topics including:

  • Understanding the low-level SPI transfers used by EVE
  • Creating a layered library framework allowing your main application to use commands from the Programmers Guide
  • Examples of using the framework for common tasks and useful code snippets

They include code projects for a range of different MCUs allowing you to get up and running quickly with your current or preferred MCU. They can also be ported to other platforms.

Portable EVE Library

This portable EVE framework includes a sample application and EVE framework for the following MCUs. It is designed to be ported to other MCUs and toolchains:

  • Bridgetek FT9xx
  • ST Micro STM32
  • Microchip PIC18F
  • TI MSP430
  • Espressif ESP32
  • Raspberry Pi
  • BeagleBone
  • RP2040 (RPi Pico)

Download the BRT_AN_025 Application Note and BRT_AN_025 source code (https://github.com/Bridgetek/EVE-MCU-BRT_AN_025).


A porting guide BRT_AN_062 is also available showing how to port the code from BRT_AN_025 to other platforms:

Download the BRT_AN_062 Application Note and BRT_AN_062 source code


BRT_AN_074 is a Colour Picker Example for EVE based on the BRT_AN_025 framework.  Colour pickers allow users to easily select the colour of on-screen items or external devices such as lighting from a huge range of colours.

Download the BRT_AN_074 Application Note and BRT_AN_074 source code.


The following applications notes are primarily for reference. BRT_AN_025 is a later version of the library and is recommended for new applications.


Creating a Simple EVE Library for a PIC MCU

Application note BRT_AN_008 explains how to create a library for EVE on your MCU, using the PIC18F device as an example. Note: This code only supports the FT80x and FT81x series.

Download the BRT_AN_008 Application Note and BRT_AN_008 source code

Application note BRT_AN_014 uses the same framework as BRT_AN_008 and includes additional examples:

Download the BRT_AN_014 Application Note and BRT_AN_014 source code


Understanding low-level EVE API and SPI Transfers

Application note BRT_AN_006 shows how the SPI transfers work down to bit level and how the data is formatted into the API used by the EVE device itself.

Download the BRT_AN_006 Application Note and BRT_AN_006 source code

Application note BRT_AN_007 extends the principles shown in BRT_AN_006 to demonstrate how these low-level transfers can be used for various widgets and common operations such as text, bitmaps and touch controls.

Download the BRT_AN_007 Application Note and BRT_AN_007 source code

Application Notes

These application notes demonstrate techniques and provide useful information for developing applications across all EVE series ICs.

Optimising Screen Updates with Macro and Append

This simple example demonstrates the power of EVE’s internal functions for memory management by simplifying display list creation using macros and an append function.

Download the AN_340 Application Note and AN_340 source code


FT90x Camera to EVE

Application note BRT_AN_018 describes a display showing video obtained from a camera module with an FT90x device and an FT81x. The display also shows a graphical overlay for the camera output to resemble a car reversing camera.

Download the BRT_AN_018 Application Note and BRT_AN_018 source code


Selecting an LCD Display

This application note describes various considerations for selecting and LCD display for EVE, and adding support for alternative capacitive touch controllers.

Download the AN_336 Application Note and AN_336 Libraries


AN_390 FT80x Migration Guide

To accommodate the extra memory and commands the memory map between EVE2 and EVE is slightly different resulting in slightly different application code. EVE3 and EVE4s memory map is backwards compatible with EVE2.

More details on migrating designs from FT80x to FT81x chipset may be found in AN_390 FT80x Migration Guide.

More open-source/third-party resources