The VM880C is a development module for BT880, which is used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the BT880 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. This module behaves as an SPI slave and requires an SPI Master for proper micro-controller interfacing and system integration.
VM880C module supports display, touch and audio interfaces. The VM880C is not supplied with a display. Users can choose to connect to different LCD screens as long as they meet the BT880 technical specification and fit the VM880C LCD connector. Typical TFT displays supported:
• 4.3” 480×272 TFT LCD with 40-pin FPC
• 5” 480×272 TFT LCD with 40-pin FPC

  • Interfaces: SPI
  • Touch Type: Resistive
  • EVE IC Type: BT88x
  • Screen Size: Display not included
  • Screen Resolution: N/A
  • Enclosure: None
  • Power Supply: 5V

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