Intelligent 7” display module using the BT817 EVE display controller. The module has an 800 x 480 capacitive touch screen. It has an on-board Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

The IDM2040-7A is an intelligent display module featuring a 7” 800×480 capacitive touch panel. The module carries the latest generation EVE4 controller BT817 supported by a low-cost high performance RP2040 microcontroller.

The on-board RS485 transceiver allows communication with Long Distance Sensor Bus (LDSBus) devices or DMX512 devices through Cat 5/6 cables over an RJ45 connector. The input power supply can be either a Type-C PD charger or a PSU via the DC-jack.

The Type-C PD port is controlled by FTDI’s latest PD controller FT232HP, with PD sink profile programmable through the FTDI utility FT_PROG.

  • Interfaces: USB Device, SPI, I2C, LDSBus/DMX
  • I/O Connector: Pin header, RJ45, USB Type C
  • Touch Type: Capacitive
  • EVE IC Type: BT817Q
  • Screen Size: 7.0"
  • Screen Resolution: 800x480
  • Enclosure: None
  • Power Supply: 5V

Pack of Single Device: USD 159.00

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