Cleo – the smart TFT display for Arduino

CleO50 is a 5″ smart TFT display shield for Arduino and MikroBUS. It includes a 5.0 inch 800×480 pixel TFT LCD panel with resistive touch, and PWM audio output with in-built speaker amplifier for advanced audio quality. These smart TFT display shields can be easily programmed by almost anyone to give professional looking HMI / GUI’s with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming or mathematics.

This module features a larger PCB which has allowed for the addition of mikroBUS™ interface from MikroE, which provides access to a wider range of expansion cards (Click Boards) thus further extending the project potential with additional sensors and control boards beyond that already provided by Arduino shields. The device also benefits from an FT900 replacing the previous FT903, which allows further extension of interfaces available, and an FT812 replacing the previous FT810 to increase the level of colour support offered.

Single Module


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