Bridgetek EVE Series – Touch Enabled Graphical User Interfaces

26 Jan 2024 – Bridgetek’s products include the EVE family of display controllers which make it easy to add attractive and fully featured touch-enabled graphical user interfaces to existing and new product designs.

To improve the user experience and functionality, EVE devices can be used to upgrade the user interface of a wide range of devices including industrial machines (industrial controllers, machine tools, elevators) and household appliances, and in consumer electronics devices and many more applications.

The flexibility of EVE series is that it can be driven by any low-cost MCU over SPI. This allows existing equipment / products to be easily upgraded by adding colour graphics and touch with minimal impact to the existing design.

Another advantage of the EVE series is the EVE Toolchain programming tools, which significantly facilitate and speed up the process of designing with displays, especially in the field of extensive graphical user interfaces.

Our family of MCUs are optimized for high-speed interface bridging tasks to a wide range of protocols including USB Host, USB Device, SD Host, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, DAC, ADC, PWM, CAN and Camera Interface, these are available on the RS Website.

We have a downloadable Free Toolchain with a wide range of examples and easy prototyping by using development modules.