Which microcontroller (MCU) can I use with the VM880C EVE Development Module?

The VM880C connects to a host MCU via a 10-way pin header which has power and SPI signals. Since the EVE devices act as an SPI peripheral, you can use any MCU which has an SPI Master. For an existing design, you can connect the module to a spare SPI master on your existing MCU. For new product designs, you can choose the MCU based on the key product requirements (for example one which has PWM outputs if you will be controlling motors, or one which is low-cost and has a small PCB footprint). The VM880C can also connect to a PC via a USB-SPI cable.  See the VM880C datasheet for more details.

Some key requirements for the MCU are:

  • An available SPI Master which can be set to SPI Mode 0
  • SPI signals used are SCK, MOSI, MISO, CS# (note that CS# can be a GPIO)
  • Optional GPIO output for power-down signal
  • Optional interrupt input (if interrupt operation is required)
  • SPI and GPIO can use 5V or 3.3V signal levels due to the VM880C’s on-board buffers