My smart home application will include mood lighting control. Does EVE support controls for setting mood lighting colours?

Colour picker controls are often used for mood lighting as well as setting display themes. With EVE it is easy to create various styles of colour picker based on an image.

EVE stores images in RAM_G for display on the screen. The MCU can read this image data from RAM_G via SPI reads. Since we know the size of the image and the format of the image data (e.g. RGB565 has 2 bytes per pixel with red/green/blue data formatted as RRRRRGGG GGGBBBBB) we can determine the colour of each pixel. By combining this with the position of the user’s touch relative to the image, we can determine the colour of the pixel within the bitmap image that they are touching. The image could be a colour gradient or any other custom image that suits the application.

Sliders can be added to provide further brightness and saturation adjustment of the selected colour. Ensure that the screen is calibrated for most accurate results. EVE’s built-in calibration features allow easy screen calibration.

We have examples of colour picker implementations in our EVE Screen Designer (see Examples > Basic > ColorPicker) and we have further explanation and examples of some colour picker techniques in Application Note BRT_AN_074.