I’m looking for a BT88x development module, should I choose the IDM2040-43A or the VM880C?

Both modules allow you to easily evaluate the BT88x series. The main factor in choosing between these modules is which type of MCU host you will use.

The IDM2040-43A has an on-board RP2040 MCU which can be programmed in languages such as C and CircuitPython. The integrated MCU makes this module self-contained with just a USB connection to a computer for programming. Connectors allow access to a range of I/O from the RP2040 such as I2C and GPIO to attach peripheral devices.

  • IDM2040-43A can only be used with the on-board RP2040 acting as the host to the BT88x and cannot be used with a different MCU.
  • Capacitive touch screen (4.3” LCD integrated to the module)
  • Plastic bezel for easy mounting
  • Uses BT883 EVE Graphics controller
  • See the IDM2040-43A datasheet for more details.

The VM880C is designed for connecting your own MCU and display.

  • VM880C module can be used with any MCU/Host which has an SPI Master
  • Resistive touch screen such as 4.3” or 5” (LCD not included)
  • Credit-card PCB format with 40-way FPC for display and 10-way header for SPI
  • Uses BT880 EVE Graphics controller
  • See the VM880C datasheet for more details.