I would like to use EVE in a smart home control product. How can I adjust the screen brightness or dim the screen when it is not in use?

EVE provides full PWM control over the external LCD backlight driver circuitry for a display. You can adjust the screen brightness as desired through simple register writes. This is ideal for applications where the screen brightness may be varied by the user via an on-screen slider for example or automatically (by connecting an ambient light sensor to the MCU).

The EVE series of display controller ICs include a BACKLIGHT pin which provides a PWM signal to the LCD backlight driver circuit. The PWM output from this pin is controlled by the REG_PWM_HZ and REG_PWM_DUTY registers. REG_PWM_HZ allows for a valid frequency range from 250Hz to 10000Hz, while REG_PWM_DUTY can be set between 0 and 128 (0 means backlight completely off, 128 means backlight at max brightness). Your application can therefore have full control of the LCD brightness.

You can also turn off the backlight and put EVE into a low power mode when the smart home controller is idle. EVE can pass the interrupt signal from the touch panel to your MCU, allowing you to wake EVE and illuminate the display when a user touches the screen.