I need a portrait screen orientation for my new design, can I use the VM880C to develop it?

Yes, the VM880C is ideal for prototyping your new portrait or landscape oriented application. The VM880C uses the new BT880 Display/Touch/Audio controller from Bridgetek.

The BT880 includes a screen rotation feature. By calling the CMD_SETROTATE, you can set one of seven different screen orientations. Therefore, you can use a landscape panel in a portrait orientation without any complex software-based rotation.

CMD_SETROTATE will rotate both the screen content and the resistive touch and so you can have the full touchscreen functionality in each different orientation. The screen can also be rotated by writing the same value direct to REG_ROTATE but this does not rotate touch, and so using CMD_SETROTATE is recommended.

The CMD_SETROTATE offers the following options:

0 is for the default landscape orientation

1 is for inverted landscape

2 is for portrait

3 is for inverted portrait

4 is for mirrored landscape

5 is for mirrored inverted landscape

6 is for mirrored portrait

7 is for mirrored inverted portrait