Underwater imaging applications such as the camera systems on submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) rely on live video streams to be able to control, navigate and collect imaging data from the ROV successfully. Traditionally this functionality is provided via an LCD screen on the controllers for such submersibles, which often include a variety of mechanical buttons to control different functions on the ROV. Increasingly designers are looking to simplify the control interfaces for submersible ROVs whilst maintaining the video streaming functionality.

These mechanical buttons and video LCD panel for navigation and imaging can be replaced with a touch screen to enhance the user experience and simplify the systems operation. The Embedded Video Engine (EVE) provides designers with the ideal solution to incorporate a touch interface and video streaming requirements for submersible ROV controllers.

The Embedded Video Engine (EVE) IC can be used along with a low cost MCU and cameras to:

  • Create high quality video images allowing the user to view imaging data.
  • Display custom gauges and numerical readouts.
  • Design the interface from the ground up with full flexibility
  • Display text overlay on the display screen to provide clear status information without additional LEDs etc.
  • Drive screens in a variety of shapes and form-factors, for example 1280×800 resolution and 12.3” wide format screens
  • Easily integrate touch control to the interface

Key Features:

The following key features of EVE make it ideal for an underwater imaging application:​

  • The use of colour graphics to create high quality live video feeds from cameras
  • Overlay text and controls on the video image
  • Use widgets such as gauges and graphics primitives such as lines for readouts
  • Use touch tagging to simplify user controls such as buttons
  • Custom fonts allow multi-language support for text and on the touch screen icons.
  • Audio output and built-in sounds allow touch feedback and alert sounds to be easily added.

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