FT51A series – 8 bits MCU

Note that this series is now under EOL and is not recommended for new designs.
If there is any demand, please send in your enquiry for special support consideration.
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The FT51A series provides an 8051-compatible core with best in class performance and unique features including multiple ADCs, USB2.0 Full Speed Device, and USB hub function targeted at cascading multiple FT51 systems, or to connect an additional USB peripheral like a mouse or keyboard.

The FT51A acts as a USB hub supporting two downstream ports: the internal 8051 core and other peripherals (SPI, UART etc.), and an external downstream port (e.g. mouse, keyboard, mass storage device, etc.). The hub can optionally be disabled (under register control), resulting in the 8051 core appearing at the upstream port.

Key Hardware Features

Enhanced Digital Features:

  • 8051-compatible core running at a maximum frequency of 48MHz
  • High speed operation 48MIPS@48MHz
  • 16kB program/shadow memory
  • True Zero Wait States operation up to 48MHz
  • FT12 series compatible USB2.0 Full-Speed/Low-Speed peripheral controller with Battery Charger Detection (BCD)
  • USB downstream port
  • Enhanced UART with transfer rates from 300 baud to 3M Baud
  • Integrated hardware debugger
  • PWM Controller
  • I2C master/slave controller
  • SPI master/slave controller
  • 4 extra timers plus watchdog function
  • 8-bit parallel FIFO
  • UART/SPI/FIFO, all with DMA functions
  • Integrated clock generation, no external crystal required.

Application Areas

  • USB Data Acquisition
  • General Purpose Microcontroller
  • Sensor control
  • Mass data storage for medical, industrial and test instrumentation
  • USB to RS232/RS422/RS485 Converters
  • POS Systems

Product Information

Toolchain Tutorial Videos (no audio)

Enhanced Analog features

  • 16 Analog IO Cells for ADC functions

Standard features:

  • 8051 peripheral set
  • Up to 16 Digial IO
  • USB DFU Bootloader
  • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
  • +5V single supply operation
  • Internal 3.3V/1.8V LDO regulators
  • Low operating and suspend current 20 mA (active) and 150 uA (suspend)
  • Range of compact packaging options available: 48-pin WQFN, 44-pin LQFP, 32-pin WQFN and 28-pin SSOP
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Smart Home Control
  • Weather Station
  • Keyboard with USB mouse port
  • USB Barcode Readers
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Design Development Support

FT51A Series Firmware Development

Bridgetek provides a development toolchain based on SDCC ANSI-C compiler suite for the FT51A series. It is fully integrated with the open source Eclipse IDE with C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT). The FT51A Eclipse integrated toolset includes FT51A sample applications to enable the ability to start a new project design quickly.

FT51A Interface driver support

The FT51A toolchain is supported with a suite of free libraries to control each function block in addition to a collection of USB libraries to enable a range of USB HUB or device solutions. All drivers will be provided as source code for easy adaptation and modification.

FT51A-Hardware-BlockFirmware Download and Debug

With the plug-in developed by Bridgetek, the functionality of Eclipse is extended to support loading of compiled firmware into the target device via a dedicated 1-wire debug pin on the ICs. Running and debugging the firmware is also supported via the debugger pin with up to 3 breakpoints supported to assist debug. A dedicated debugger/programmer module is available to support these devices and interface with the Eclipse IDE.