4 Control Options on 1 Platform

Forget about using multiple remote controls or mobile apps. With the PanL Smart Living Platform, use either one of four control options to control any devices or appliances. Activate scenes, dim lights and turn on/off a group of devices using options below:

Mobile (iOS / Android)

Amazon Alexa / Google Mini

Capacitive Touch Panel

Smart Touch Display

Smart Touch Displays

Replace multiple wall/scene switches or dimmers with a single display screen size of your choice.

Instantly configure the buttons through the mobile app and assign single device/group/scene/zone controls.Special widgets are also available for light RGB and dimming or shades control.

Wireless & Robust Wired Connections

Support 3rd party wireless protocol devices as well as a wide variety of PanL wired protocol accessories powered directly from the PanL Hub to help you quickly set up a robust smart controlled environment

Flexible Lighting Control Options

Turn on/off, dim or change the colour of your lights. Support various light types: Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or LED lamps. Introduce digital lighting controls like DALI for high flexibility in control high number of lights replacing the need for multiple control switches/modules or experience smooth dynamic effects using the DMX controller

Integration Flexibility

We integrate and unify popular technologies into our system.For example are with OSRAM, General ELectric, Amazon, Philips and more.