US232R-500 (Pack of 10)

The US232R-500 is FTDI’s premium USB to RS232 evaluation cable which can be used for testing the functionality of the FT232R unit and drivers prior to design-in.

The electronics, including the FT232RQ chip are housed in an attractive glossy white enclosure with blue, side-lit LED TX and RX traffic indicators. A matching white 5m USB cable uses gold plated USB and DB9 connectors.

The US232R-500 uses an enhanced RS232 level converter and is capable of communication rates from 300 baud to 1M baud.

The US232R-100 is fully RoHS compliant and is CE and FCC approved.

A shorter 100cm and 10cm version is also available, p/n US232R-100 and US232R-10 respectively

Pack of 10


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