Cleo – the smart TFT display for Arduino

CleO35 is a smart TFT display shield for Arduino. It comprises a HVGA resolution, 3.5 inch TFT display incorporating a resistive touchscreen and supporting both portrait and landscape implementations. FT810 high resolution embedded video engine (EVE) graphics controller executes the HMI operation, while the FT903 MCU addresses all additional processing tasks. CleO can be combined with our NerO module to offer a far more powerful solution than a normal Arduino UNI/display shield package. Its Arduino compatibility means that it can also connect with a wide variety of different sensors. The module also features connectors to link with a variety of specially designed accessories, for example the CleO Camera, CleO speaker and Micro-SD card.

CleO users have the ability to use USB as the power input for the module, or apply the AC power adapter utilising the connectors provided.

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