The management of shared spaces particularly working desks either in traditional corporate offices or the fast growing co-space providers is increasingly important as real estate costs have climbed steadily over the years especially in land scarce city-states

PanL Desk Manager (PDM) is a desk booking system that addresses the problem by enabling organizations to automatically manage hot desk bookings and increase the number of users per desk without compromising user experience.

The constituent electronics at the heart of each PanL35L in the PDM hot desk booking system comprises a dual-core 32-bit LX6 microcontroller and a sophisticated BT813Q graphic controller. The display has a 500cd/m2 output brightness and supports the rendering of 16.7 million colors. The PDM’s web portal gives facilities managers a detailed overview of all the hot desks in their inventory. This can be applied to a floor, entire buildings, or even multiple sites. Using the desk booking software, they can analyze supply and demand – so that further desk resources may be brought in as required. They can also examine user booking profiles, set time slot duration (and the time before/after booked slots in which desks can still be claimed), allocate desks (desk allocation tool) to certain employees, determine the maximum number of desks that can be booked on any given day and add new desks onto the system with minimal effort (with updates being made to the floorplan accordingly).