PanL Desk Manager

The Future of Co-share Spaces


Reservations can be made via MS Outlook, Google Calendar or PanL mobile app. Available desks can be found easily with the search function.


The intelligent desk allocation system prevents double-booking and realtime update displays desk status to prevent booking conflicts.


Multiple and remote sites can be configured, monitored and managed on a single interface. Additional sites and desks can be setup with ease.


Dashboard provides statistical data for resource planning and determine underlying issues. Noshow or Inactive desks are tracked and can be reassigned to another user.

Make a booking anytime, anywhere

Don’t limit your working day to only take place in the office. Make working on the go an alternative by using a scheduling solution that supports a flexible way of life and work. With PanL app your personal productivity will get a real boost!

Integrate with MS365 and MS Exchange calendar

Connect directly to your office calendar and keep all schedule in one place.

On-spot booking on digital signages

Feasible booking via Display or QR code

Orientate quickly with centralize floor layout

View desk availability on the entire floor. Search a specific desk or person from the map