MCU FAQs -General

Where can I purchase these ICs?

You can purchase via our Web Shop and Sales Network.

Do these MCUs replace VNC2?

No, this has no impact on VNC2.  We see all families offering excellent value with the common thread that they possess key USB features.

  • VNC2 offers 2 x USB2.0 Hi-Speed ports which can be configured as Host or Device
  • FT51A offers USB device and hub functionality
  • FT900 provides 1 x USB2.0 Hi-Speed host and 1 x USB2.0 Hi-Speed device.

Needless to say, with the FT51A and FT900 we have targeted high performance with features that are key to overall system value.

The FT900 and FT51A provide complete library API source code, unlike the VNC2, giving more flexibility to the developer.

Is full register access available with these devices?

Yes. The FT51A is fundamentally an 8051 and the register map reflects that. This should enable a small learning curve for customers already familiar with 8051 designs.

The FT900 is all Bridgetek proprietary, but the register map as well as sample code and drivers are available. The FT32 core technical manual is available under NDA.

Why did you choose Eclipse tools?

Eclipse was chosen as an industry known, open source IDE that we can simply expand with our plug-ins for the debugger /firmware upload features. So it’s free for all to use.

Expanding an existing tool enables a faster time to market, whilst also presenting a familiar interface for existing Eclipse users again making the learning curve for these new devise shorter and shallower.

If you are looking for a more mature environment, please see the tools available from MikroElektronika. They will provide hardware and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both the FT51A and FT900 devices.

Why do FT51A and FT900 use different compilers?

GCC which is used for FT900 does not support FT51A devices. Hence different compilation tools were required (FT51A uses SDCC). However both can be used with the Eclipse IDE.

What is the cost of all Bridgetek tools for FT90x/FT51A?

The only price you will have to pay is for the IC itself and the development modules, if required. The IDE, API library, example code and technical support is totally free enabling quick application development!

Do Bridgetek provide source code for the driver API functions?

Yes, full source code is provided to allow users full control and allows modifications for example. Users simply have to include the source file into their project to over-ride the pre-built library.