FT51A Development Modules

Note that this series is now under EOL and is not recommended for new designs.

Based upon an industry standard 8051-compatible processor core, the FT51A brings enhanced IO bridging to 8 bit MCU technology with integrated USB device and hub port capabilities ideal for cascading distributed computing tasks over USB. Other IO’s include UART, SPI, I2C, ADC and PWM ideal for data acquistion and control applications supported with 16kBytes internal program flash and 8kByte data RAM to store and run applications.

In addition, Bridgetek provides a range of modules designed to assist with design and development with the series:

FTPD-1 Programmer/Debugger Module

The FTPD-1 programmer/debugger module provides the ideal bridge between the USB port of the PC and the 1-wire debug interface of the FT51A. This module facilitates linking your hardware with the Eclipse based FT51A design environment for loading code into the FT51A chip and for debugging code developed to run on the platform.

The module has a mini USB connector to interface to the PC side and a pin header interface for attaching a suitable interface cable to your FT51A board design.

There is an FTDI FT230X chip on the FTPD-1 module and the FT230X datasheet is available here.
Please install the VCP and D2XX driver by the setup executable and it is available here.

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UMFT51AA Dual in Line Development Module

The UMFT51AA development modules provide full hardware feature support for the FT51A MCU. In addition to the DIL pin headers for access to IO such as UART, SPI, I2C, ADC and PWM the modules also provide type A USB plug and socket connections to allow attaching USB peripherals or cascading boards in a distributed computing solution via the FT51A USB hub port.

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FT51A-EVM Evaluation Module

The FT51A IC is ideal for data acquisition and control applications. To allow developers to try out some of these features, the FT51A-EVM module offers a complete solution with the following features.

Key Features:

  • Heart-Rate Monitor with filtered and amplified analogue output.
  • 2 x 20 character LCD display with RGB backlight.
  • Force sensitive resistor.
  • SPI temperature sensor.
  • Push button controls and LED indicator.
  • Interface footprints to allow for communication with Bridgetek’s FT8xx modules and TTL-232R cables.
  • Upstream and downstream USB ports which allows for direct connection cascading.
  • Debugger interface header used for debugging and programming FT51A.
  • Onboard jumper for configuring the module to be self powered or USB powered.

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