Setup Gateways

• Add and Organize Gateways into groups to manage different nodes

• Locate your gateway in the google maps

• OTA Firmware updates

Configure Sensors and Actuators

• Add/Delete sensors, set report rates, operating modes and configure outputs

Configure Alerts and Events to receive Email/SMS/Push Notifications

• Allows to configure events based on the Gateway/Sensor status and values and actions to be triggered

Setup your organization for better user authorization

• Allows to add new users, create user groups, roles and authorize users with permissions

Monitor the devices 24x7

• Monitor Gateway and Sensor status

• Create Dashboard charts for Gateway and Sensor data

• Take control over the data report rates and dashboard refresh rates

Full control over your data

• Allows to download sensor data for any essential analysis

Do more with Machine to Machine Communication

• Extend IoTPortal functionality with user preferred 3rd party embedded system

Cost effective System

• One stop solution, we provide sensors and control/monitor platform

• Pay as you Go

Global Access

• Control and Monitor the devices remotely 24×7 from anywhere using Mobile and Web interfaces