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IoTPortal – IoT platform 

Watch our on-demand webinar as Bridgetek, introduces IoTPortal System and explore how solution providers can benefit from a versatile platform for Urban Agriculture, Industrial, Datacenter, Commercial and Transportation

Duration: 38 minutes

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Introducing Bridgetek’s solution to meet your IoT needs. Based on a proprietary wired LDS protocol, the IoT Portal extends the features of a IoT monitoring system free from the issues faced by wireless networks apt for applications such as urban farming, industrial monitoring and data centres etc.

Sense, Monitor & Control with IoTPortal PaaS without any programming knowledge


We make it easy for you to deploy and manage sensor devices with no programming knowledge required. Decide what parameters you want to monitor, choose from a plethora of sensors and quickly linked them to the network.


IoTPortal enable data monitoring globally, storage and pre-configured alerts via SMS, email or push notifications to protect what you care about.


Besides attaching sensors, we provide an option to attach LDS actuators to control any external device such as valves or relays. Create an event where the trigger is linked to a sensor threshold settings.

Urban Agriculture

Continuously monitor critical parameters in a urban farming environment and automatically control water valves and lighting to ensure high yield and healthy crops.


Lower systems and infrastructure costs, use energy and materials more efficiently, improve safety and guarantee regulatory compliance in factories, refineries, and plants.

Educational & Experimental

IoT technology has fascinated the world and revolutionized how things work. Today, connectivity is the utmost importance as it collect and sends useful data right to us.


Either is in a office, hotel, retail or warehouse, deploy sensors and controls to ensure occupant safety and comfort. A peace of mind automatically.


Improve quality and quantity of data collection with intelligent infrastructure solutions that optimize the use of transportation assets such as city parking spaces, rail systems and logistics operations.

DataCenter/Server Room

Manage data center environment and significantly reduce energy consumption by connecting sensors that not only monitor, but control temperature and lighting.