EVE FAQs – Touch

What kind of touch screen does the FT8XX support?

FT800/FT810/FT812 supports 4-wires resistive touch-screen controller that incorporate median filtering and touch force sensing.
FT801/FT811/FT813 supports I²C capacitive touch screen with up to 5 touches detection.

How does the FT8XX touch screen work?
Please refer to this link for detailed description on how a 4 wire resistive touch screen works. http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/LCD/HOW%20DOES%20IT%20WORK.pdf
Please refer to this link for detailed description on how a capacitive touch screen works.

Does the FT8XX support touch pressure measurement?

Yes. Touch pressure measurement can be detected on FT800/FT810/FT802.

Does the FT8XX support multi touch?

FT800/FT810/FT812 are resistive touch solution, there is no multi touch support.
FT801/FT811/FT813 are capacitive touch solution which support 5 touches detection.

Does the FT8XX support touch slide?

Yes, users can drag a screen slider with a stylus or finger.

Which capacitive touch controllers are compatible with the FT8xx?

Refer to the App Note AN_336 FT8xx-Selecting an LCD Display section 6 for a list of compatible touch controllers.