VM801B – FT801 Capacitive Touch Development Platform

The VM801B ‘Basic’ development modules offer a hi-quality capacitive touch display system in an elegantly designed, form-fitted bezel that provides a fitted display and component board in a rugged, plastic enclosure. Offered in black (-BK) or pearl (-PL) colours, this display sub-system provides the engineer with a low priced option which can shorten development time while enabling a production finished look. The modules are designed to control 4.3″ or 5″ TFT displays.

Included in the module is a speaker for audio output and a 0.1″ pitch connector socket for interfacing to the SPI interface of the system host MCU. There are 5 power configuration methods including a mini-USB socket and a 2 pin DC connector. See the table below for accessory options, including power supplies and USB cables (sold separately).

To view the datasheet please click here.


A complete listing of technical documentation is provided below. Due to the size of the documents and Sample Application software environment, FTDI Chip recommends that purchasers of a VM801B development system, first acquaint themselves with the DS VM801B and DS FT801 datasheets, after which familiarity with EVE’s pseudo language found in the Programming Guide is advised. The remaining documents and Sample Application software have been developed with an orientation toward system and design implementation.

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